Cuban Home Cooking - This handy cookbook contains some of the best home-style recipes you'll ever find
for true Cuban home cooking. It is the complete guide to the most popular recipes from the largest
Caribbean Island in the West Indies. Easy-to-prepare recipes include treasures such as
Pollo Asado,
Picadillo, Hot Oxtail Stew, Paella, Flan,
and a fabulous Diplomatic Pudding. Distinctive flavors and easy
preparation techniques abound in this practical compilation of home recipes, updated to reflect today's
more health-conscious diets. 111 pages. Soft cover. 8 x 5 " $12.95

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Cuban Santeria - Cuban-born Raul Canizares describes the practices and rituals of Santeria - from
magical herbal prescription and healing to spiritism and animal sacrifice - and explains how for many
years the religion has been maintained under the guise of Catholicism. Most initiates are sworn to a
code of silence, but Canizares believes the time has come to relax this code and move Santeria, a
religion of beauty and resilience, out of the darkness and into the light so that a more accurate picture
of this rich tradition can emerge. Discusses the gods, initiations, rituals, history and legacy as well as
anecdotes from the author's own involvement. Eleven color plates and black-and-white illustrations.
In English
or Spanish. 176 pages. 6 x 9" $16.95

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Cuba Calendar 2014 - Full color calendar of views throughout Cuba. Each month
contains spaces to write appointments. Important Cuban dates and holidays noted.
8 1/2 x 11" or 11 x 17" open. $13.99